Tuscan Flooring

solid rustic oak 90
Solid Rustic Oak 90
solid bamboo natural horizontal cut
Solid Bamboo Natural Horizontal Cut
solid bamboo carbonised horizontal cut
Solid Bamboo Carbonised Horizontal Cut
solid brushed & oiled oak 150
Solid Brushed & Oiled Oak 150

solid hand distressed big earth oak 120
Solid Hand Distressed Big Earth Oak 120
solid hand distressed golden oak 150
Solid Hand Distressed Golden Oak 150


arrow Revealing outstanding lacquered, brushed and oiled surface finishes designed to offer a maximum visual impact as well as an optimal integration inside any type of residential interior, the Tuscan wood flooring we offer come in carefully selected wood essences, including oak and bamboo. arrow Requiring professional installation based on nails and special adhesives for the quality wood floor coverings or floating we offer in this section ensure a perfectly leveled surface designed to sustain heavy furniture and intensive traffic, as the floor will not move or lose shape in time. arrow Apart from their distinctive appearance and increased resistance to spills, indentations and general wearing, the Tuscan flooring we offer will add value to any type of interior, while ensuring a simple cleaning and maintenance, all at attractive discounted prices.